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09:32pm 02/03/2006
  I have Sifl and Olly Seasons 1 2 and the unaired season 3 and the top 9 count down videos on dvd. $25+shipping for all of them.
08:38pm 11/05/2005
  I have every episode of sifl and olly ever released on vcd. I'm putting them up here for sale. You get every episode, plus the unaired season, plus songs of season one, PLUS the top 9 video countdown episode, for $25 + shipping. If you want any special packaging, that'll be more too. If you are serious about this, email: genocidesucks@hotmail.com  
07:36pm 05/04/2005
Halo Fan Fic 
01:31am 15/12/2004
mood: accomplished
I figured this would be a nice place to post part of my old fan fiction. I wrote this fan fiction back about three years ago. I've rewritten alot of it in the past few days. Nothing to exciting. If you want to read more I continue the story on my livejournal.


A chill went down Marcus's spine as the UNSC battlenet went array with distress signals. A frigate escaping the battle over reach had been pursued deeper into human controlled space by a horde of covenant battle cruisers. Reach was the first inner colony to fall, this frigate had been ordered to mislead their fleet back into outer colony space. High command felt it was necessary to sacrifice this outer colony to hold our civilizations deepest secret...Earth. Marcus; a tall slender man in his mid thirties watched as part of the pursuing covenant fleet broke off into orbit around Nexus an old human colony located in the holt solar system deep in the far reaches of space. It was already too late for the inhabitants of the doomed planet. The ships began to dimly glow as their main guns drew power and prepared to fire upon the planet. A bit of static caused by the massive buildup of covenant energy weapons then a sudden blinding flash as the energy was unleashed. There was dreadful silence among the bridge crew as plasma splashed along the planets surface. All distress signals from the surface were all silenced once the hot liquid plasma reached the main populace. "Atleast they were granted a fast and painless death" Marcus thought to himself. All life would be completely wiped out as the entertwined orbit of the covenant fleet continued its bombardment of the planet. "We've recieved a encrypted message from high command" a communication officer spoke up "It's Urgent". Marcus broke off his stare of com screen and took a second to regain himself then walked slowly into his private office to recieve the transmission. He was aware of the fact that he, his crew, and ship were expendable and that this transmission would likely seal his fate.


Hope you enjoyed it.
Attention Everyone In The Philly, PA Area (& Others That Know The Area).... 
08:45pm 13/10/2003
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Hi...first off let me appologize for cross posting this message. Secondly my family and I are going to be moving to the Philly area (more than likely the Northeast area). I was wondering if anyone could let me know where basically everything is (like thrift shops, discount stores, possibly food banks/pantries (incase we need them when we first move), goodwill, good places to get cheap and/or free baby clothes and such and assistance with baby needs (incase we need them when we first move), fabric shops and such, etc.). Any information is so appreciated (I just want to be prepared for anything as possible instead of being clueless). I know where South Street (about the only place in Philly besides some muesums my ex was willing to take me when I lived in Southern New Jersey) and the Galleria/Chinatown are and such (but I have a feeling it's not where I plan to move hehe). Anyway...if your kind enough to help out could you please give a general idea (if address is not known) where the places are located? Thanks in advance!!
05:55pm 26/09/2003
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we need a resurgance of interest in wierd-gatherings.
lets get organized, city, state, you know, lets get a list going, comment on this post, if you belong to this community, just comment saying what city your from, we can have well put together wierd fests, create a whole new community, than the world!
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03:31am 26/03/2003
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UMM.....yes i am a new member, and um i hold similar gatherings of wierdness, but they mostly involve copious amounts of lsd, and or psilocybin and other drugs, and some movies relating to specific themes or actors, like last week we watched affliction and the pledge, it does get pretty wierd though, i have videos too, 3 or 4 of us running around a house, mumbling, screaming, running, sometimes nude, twitching out, and yes....DEFINETLY WIERD. I was wondering, do these gatherings count as 'wierdfests' and if not, where can i find a 'real wierdfest' in my area, i live in manhattan, new york city...yes, and um.......thats is, yes.
04:11pm 14/03/2003
Is anyone still around/intrested?

- B.
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11:28pm 16/02/2003
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Hello all! I'm "Dashella" (named for one of my boyfriend's manga characters), and I was just musing around lj and foud you all. You lovely weird people. I was always called weird as a kid, and it's OK. Anywho, let me tell about myself. I live in California, and my friends are perfect candidates for this, so I'd like to know how I'd go about a "weirdfest" here in CA. I'm 21, and love toe socks that match with my mittens. I was part of a short-lived society of short people in high school. There were about 6 of us, and we were the "Vertically Challenged Americans" or VCA for short =P

Also, a few years back, we all boycotted winter formal, and decided to go bowling in our formal wear. It was so much fun. That's an idea you all can steal, I don't mind. But don't forget to take pictures in the bathroom of every cool place you go with your friends!

I've been known to wear 2 different shoes when I can't decide between two pairs, it's just so much easier that way! And well, I suppose that for right now that's about it.

OH! And you all should download Dick Cheese music, for all your get-togethers! He does modern song in a Las Vegas lounge singer style, it's very entertaining.
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07:34pm 26/10/2002
  Gee, no one's posted in here for a while.

Is everyone still planning on doing this?

Because.. I'm still wanting to go... :]
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11:26pm 23/09/2002
mood: complacent
Mr. Q here representin' the celestial bunnies that'll be at weirdfest! I'm not all about winter.. that's ski (pronounced "shee") season and that's when I'm atually going to be werking ;\

Who's up for spring? Maybe even spring break OMG WOW!
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10:13pm 23/09/2002
  ...are the different weirdfests in different parts of the country going to be held at different times so people can attend more than one if they want or go to a different one if they miss the one closest to them?...  
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08:10pm 23/09/2002
  suggestion? maybe. anyways, i am planning on attending the philly weirdfest.
sounds to be a good time for all. but since philly is a bit of a roadtrip
for me, would there possibly lodging accomodations available? i mean, we could
make arrangements at a hotel and get a group fare, hell we could even do that
with a bus! but depending on how many people are coming, maybe we could just
squat at somebodys house and send them a check or something? maybe? lemme know.
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a humble suggestion.... 
04:17pm 23/09/2002
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I propose that we form committees so that the organising of Weirdfest goes as smoothly as possible. I volunteer my services for planning Weirdfest West Coast, and anything this community might need as well.

much luv,
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01:10pm 23/09/2002
  majesta is representin' florida!  
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community happy! 
05:31am 23/09/2002
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weirdfest got an amazing response so far and in order to keep everyone in touch, i decided to create a community. plus, we needed a place to discuss and work together to make it happen.

i plan to have my initial email as our main info and add many random interests to our interest list.

as expected, we had a few folks wanting the fest(s) closer to them. one girl even suggested london!

so far, i (flyinginside) am taking care of anyone that can come to Philadelphia or somewhere semi near there. and Gabriel (anymajordude) has california kids.

Now, my first question is...

What typa scene do you guys think would be ideal for such a fest? and Should we have it in the Fall, Winter, Spring?

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