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Hello all! I'm "Dashella" (named for one of my boyfriend's manga characters), and I was just musing around lj and foud you all. You lovely weird people. I was always called weird as a kid, and it's OK. Anywho, let me tell about myself. I live in California, and my friends are perfect candidates for this, so I'd like to know how I'd go about a "weirdfest" here in CA. I'm 21, and love toe socks that match with my mittens. I was part of a short-lived society of short people in high school. There were about 6 of us, and we were the "Vertically Challenged Americans" or VCA for short =P

Also, a few years back, we all boycotted winter formal, and decided to go bowling in our formal wear. It was so much fun. That's an idea you all can steal, I don't mind. But don't forget to take pictures in the bathroom of every cool place you go with your friends!

I've been known to wear 2 different shoes when I can't decide between two pairs, it's just so much easier that way! And well, I suppose that for right now that's about it.

OH! And you all should download Dick Cheese music, for all your get-togethers! He does modern song in a Las Vegas lounge singer style, it's very entertaining.
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