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Halo Fan Fic

I figured this would be a nice place to post part of my old fan fiction. I wrote this fan fiction back about three years ago. I've rewritten alot of it in the past few days. Nothing to exciting. If you want to read more I continue the story on my livejournal.


A chill went down Marcus's spine as the UNSC battlenet went array with distress signals. A frigate escaping the battle over reach had been pursued deeper into human controlled space by a horde of covenant battle cruisers. Reach was the first inner colony to fall, this frigate had been ordered to mislead their fleet back into outer colony space. High command felt it was necessary to sacrifice this outer colony to hold our civilizations deepest secret...Earth. Marcus; a tall slender man in his mid thirties watched as part of the pursuing covenant fleet broke off into orbit around Nexus an old human colony located in the holt solar system deep in the far reaches of space. It was already too late for the inhabitants of the doomed planet. The ships began to dimly glow as their main guns drew power and prepared to fire upon the planet. A bit of static caused by the massive buildup of covenant energy weapons then a sudden blinding flash as the energy was unleashed. There was dreadful silence among the bridge crew as plasma splashed along the planets surface. All distress signals from the surface were all silenced once the hot liquid plasma reached the main populace. "Atleast they were granted a fast and painless death" Marcus thought to himself. All life would be completely wiped out as the entertwined orbit of the covenant fleet continued its bombardment of the planet. "We've recieved a encrypted message from high command" a communication officer spoke up "It's Urgent". Marcus broke off his stare of com screen and took a second to regain himself then walked slowly into his private office to recieve the transmission. He was aware of the fact that he, his crew, and ship were expendable and that this transmission would likely seal his fate.


Hope you enjoyed it.
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