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a humble suggestion....

I propose that we form committees so that the organising of Weirdfest goes as smoothly as possible. I volunteer my services for planning Weirdfest West Coast, and anything this community might need as well.

much luv,
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Your help is both needed and accepted. First item is do we want to have our own fest first or do we want to focus our efforts on making it to the one on the East Coast? Im all for a little traveling...maybe we can get a group rate...also:

Things we need to have at Weirdfest:
A Vegan Hot Dog Stand
Cotton Candy
Puppet Show

We also need:
Ok color me dysfunctional...DDR?
Dance Dance Revolution!

[ merges dancing & video game fun!]
Unless we get a really good group rate I shall most likely be stuck at home wallowing in my penniless-college-student-ness.

Costumes & S'mores should be added to that list, as well. :o)

But, even if I can't go I'd be happy to help organise Weirdfest East Coast.
Looks like as of right now we are the committee for the west coast all suggestions and i do mean ALL will be accepted:

Open Mic for sure.
A few short films.
Like 2 oe 3 Bands.

Any thoughts on Location?

And if we give say Summer 2003 as the potential date for East Weirdfest '03 will that you give you enough time to save at least a little something?o
Sounds good to me!

Where in Cali do you live, btw?
I live in southern Californin in a little shanty town called Pico Rivera...near Whittier. Know it? I work in Burbank though if that makes a diffrence. What about yourself?

Do you have like AIM or YAHOO MESSANGER so we can revolutionize our little convo and do it real time. Im just lame that way.

Your fellow Wookiee,

I have AIM but prefer msn messenger. Do you have it? If not, s'cool.

You life quite close to me actually, I'm here in lil 'ol La Mirada! We should definately hook up sometime and get he ball rolling. I've already raved to my roommates about it :o)
I prefer MSN too but here at work I can only seem to get AIM working...but i have MSN at home so if you wanna email me with both of them then we can email is

La Mirada huh? Wanna come see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Civic in November with me and my group o' monkeys? Whats in La Mirada? Did you grow up around there? Do you go to Biola? I went to Jr High in La Mirada and High School in La Habra so I know the area quite well.
Sure, I'd love to go see JC Superstar. And yes, I do go to Biola. I'm a film major.

I actually grew up in Orange County [Yorba Linda, if you've heard of it. Birth/Burial place of Richard Nixon!].

I'll email ya right now! :o)
I wasnt aware that Biola had a film dept...theyve certainly revolutionized things. I remember a time when you couldnt dance or go to the movies if you went to that school. Now they have a film dept. Crayzee.

I know where Yorba Linda is...I know OC very well...I went to Whittier Chistian in GuadaLaHabra and then I too studied film (and english) at Chapman in have to know where that is. We need to get together for a.)weirdfest shit and b.) go movie geek on each other. My brother and I are serious movie dorks know?

You are on my short list now so you better be entertaining or im just gonna have to bore you to tears with movie talk.

Yeah, the film dept. is pretty good for a Christian school. They are really connected to Hollywood, so that's a plus. Dancing is still not allowed, but that is just on campus.

I totally know where Chapman is, my brother wen there his first year in college. Beautiful campus! I also have a few friends that went to Whittier Christian but probably not the same time as you because most of them are younger than me.

When you said "weirdfest shit" I read it at first as "weirdfest shirt". Which got me thinking, we should design a Weirdfest shirt! Eventually. Definately not priority #1, but something cool. We could sell them too for concert-shirt prices and make loads of money, haha.

Anyways, I love movies and love to talk about them. One day I would like to be an expert and called Movie Sensei Meghan, but until then.... blah.

Okay, take care.

I will train you in the ways of the movie geek arts my young padewan apprentice.
Speaking of which... [and merging to replies into one!]... I am a firm believer that one can never have too many movies. Thus,

let M = Meghan

if schtuff = movies, and
pie = 3.14, then
M = happy!

Don't get me wrong, I love books. But I have a shelf full of really good ones that I'd really like to get through. If it is something I must read then an exception can be made.

Also, weird random shit is always fun.

And cheap schtuff only! Don't make Miss Meghan a spoiled little brat... [or do ;o) ]

Side note: How are ya today? What are the plans for Thursday?



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