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weirdfest's Journal

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This idea started on September 22, 2002. This community will run until the end of every fest and after we post pitures, etc. But, that will not be for quite a while. This community will be used for questions and answers and ideas all pertaining to upcoming WEIRDFESTS.

To get a general idea, here is the message I (flyinginside) posted to get the ball rolling:

Hello, LJers.

My name is Marybeth and I will be the first to admit that i am a blacksheep in not only my family, but town and heck.. sometimes I feel i'm an alien to this land! I walk down the street covered in body glitter with songs created by sockpuppets in my head and thoughts of only tea and obscure films ringing in my brain.

How did this all develop? Well, one tends to cling to one's imagination when one does not feel comfortable in their reality. I shall paraphrase the movie 'Amelie', "In a dead world, Amelie resorted to her imagination".

I am not saying the world is dead... if I thought that, I wouldn't be here. But, our surroundings can seem dead to us. It's all about hope, dreams and... obscurity.

Now, I know that manymanyMANY and yes MANY of you guys are also incredibly quirky and because of that.... tend to be alone. We are those who love quoting obscure television shows and will talk non-stop about all that is geekdom.

And you know what... I am tired of just talking.

We need an action. And a fun, warm, full, satisfied action.

I propose...


I held a small Weirdfest 2002 a few months ago at my own home, in the Philadelphia burbs. It consisted of defunct weird Mtv shows, odd movies and plenty of candy. Not to mention a WALL OF JOHN STAMOS and a FOUR FOOT GIANT TOOTHBRUSH.

There were maybe seven of us there that night, and it was bliss. I want a larger community all together for something even neater.

These are some ideas I have:

A huge hall, costumes (i claim a big chicken for at least an hour.. i always wanted to be one), SIFL AND OLLY, KIDS IN THE HALL, SPACE GHOST and the like, kevin smith 'n john waters 'n wes anderson flicks, bands, artists, candy, stories, campfire w/smores and anything and everything WEIRD.

As for locations... I got DE, NJ, PA, MD, VA and NY covered with a location near Philadelphia... and if I get a large response... we can maybe hold some in other areas of the states?

I know this idea came from left field... but, where else WOULD it come from?!

Please share this, gang! and let me know what you think!!!


So, feel free to join if you want in! :)