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Attention Everyone In The Philly, PA Area (& Others That Know The Area)....

Hi...first off let me appologize for cross posting this message. Secondly my family and I are going to be moving to the Philly area (more than likely the Northeast area). I was wondering if anyone could let me know where basically everything is (like thrift shops, discount stores, possibly food banks/pantries (incase we need them when we first move), goodwill, good places to get cheap and/or free baby clothes and such and assistance with baby needs (incase we need them when we first move), fabric shops and such, etc.). Any information is so appreciated (I just want to be prepared for anything as possible instead of being clueless). I know where South Street (about the only place in Philly besides some muesums my ex was willing to take me when I lived in Southern New Jersey) and the Galleria/Chinatown are and such (but I have a feeling it's not where I plan to move hehe). Anyway...if your kind enough to help out could you please give a general idea (if address is not known) where the places are located? Thanks in advance!!
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